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RTMP server not found, no video streaming


We are using licensed version of the Wowza Media Server latest build. I have followed all the tuning instructions. Here is our server configuration.

Linux 64-bit with 3GB of RAM and 200GB disk space and RAID 10. I changed the Java heap size to 2000MB in

I have following observations.

  1. I am using load test tool to generate a load of 30 client connection requesting 30 files. When I or someone else in another network tries to play a video, it plays fine and I see the % of memory used by Wowza process is 2.2% of total memory.

2)When I increase the number of client connections to 50 using loadtest tool and try to play a video, player throws and error “rtmp server not found.” When I check the memory used by Wowza at this time, it is 4.2% of the memory. Why is this happening? Just for 50 connections Wowza is not responding? I am a newbie so please help.


This suggests you have a limitation on the OS or even perhaps you have a network issue.

If you are using the latest JWPlayer then this does have a bug relating to rtmp connections which can cause connections to fail, however without looking through any logs it is impossible to tell.