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RTMP starttime/duration JW Player

Hi, I’m looking for a way to set starttime and possibly duration if I can with rtmp via jwplayer. Previously we were using a custom flash player and just used netsteam.connect("");"","") ; and that worked great. I can’t seem to find a way to do that with jwplayer though…seems like this should be very simple no? I even tried to do it with an smil file like this:

I can do just what I need with http using this: Is there a way I can do that with RTMP?

anyone? this should be super easy…it was with the custom flash player I wrote myself…jwplayer should for sure do this easily…

I contacted jw player support and they told me to refer to wowza support about “Pseudo Streaming”. I have the startparam for jwplayer set to “start”. is that the correct startparam? do we have to change something on our wowza instance to make this work?

i’ll see if this helps…it seems like a major oversight that this was not included in jwplayer…

thanks for the response.

You could construct a module that could handle start/duration parameters via the play event handler. You might checkout the following post as a good starting point.