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RTMP to fragmented mp4 transcode for live HTML5 player on pc browsers

I am looking for a consultant to integrate our application with Wowza. We need to generate fragmented mp4 to LIVE playback on HTML5 customized player.

Please reach me asap.

Stephane Lestage


Hi Stephane,

Do I understand you correctly if I state that you want Wowza to generate MP4 fragments, (or segments, or chunks) from a live input, for live playback? As far as I know, that’s one of the core functionalities of Wowza. Would you need it as HLS, HDS, Smooth or DASH fragments? Look at the pre-configured “live” application in your Wowza setup.

If this is not about either of these protocols (HLS, HDS, Smooth, DASH), then can you explain what you mean with “fragmented mp4 to LIVE playback”?

Kind Regards,

Karel Boek