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RTMP to RTSP without transcode?


Is it possible to publish a live stream with RTMP and play this same stream with RTSP without going through any transcoding (just rtmp->rtp conversion). Since ffmpeg natively supports the flash codecs most ffmpeg/libavcodecs could decode this stream theoretically and we could avoid the transcoding process.


Yes, take a look at this Tutorial:


No, Wowza doesn’t do any transcoding. You might need h.264 formatted content for what you are trying to do.


I’ve been (somewhat) successful in streaming live RTMP -> RTSP, i see messages in wowza “encodeH263.framesize …” which makes me think it’s transcoding from the flash codec to H.263.

Does wowza actually transcode or is it just converting the packet format from flash to standard H.263 and not doing any transcoding?



Thanks, that clears it up. I did switch the flash encoder side to h264 and sure enough rtmp->rtsp is working properly now. The fact there is no transcoding explains why the ‘default’ sorensen encoder doesn’t work very well for rtmp->rtsp since it’s only kinda h.263.