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RTMP translation from Europe to USA FullHD channel (Need assistence, will be payed)

Hello, We have main wowza in Europe and want to restream our channels to USA with server located in USA.

So we are using RTMP repeater wowza option add channels to USA server.

SD channel with bitrate till 2Mbit/s go OK.

But we have problem with high bitrate FullHD channels which go with bitrate 12-16Mbit/s

it’s sends from Europe wowza with speed 2.7-3Mbit/s so picture frizing.

How to solve this situation ?

We made speed tests between two location it’s realy good bandwidth 450-600Mbit/s

If you could help us to solve this problem please find me in skype coolmanfn

Work will be payed.


This issue is currently being handled in the support ticket you created (116055) and further responses from myself will be limited to the ticket.

I’m happy for you to request assistance from one of the consultants here in the Find a Consultant to troubleshoot further if you require hands on assistance.





Please contact via skype shijils or email shijil[@] to further discuss this.



I’ll contact you regarding this issue, just in case here is my email:

Contact me to discuss as I think I can help you out