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RTMPE Auto Port Scan (1935 , 443, 80)

In Adobe’s Video content protection measures document (page 11), it is mentioned that

for RTMPE protocol flash player (9,0,115,0 +) will scan ports (1935, 443, 80)

automatically in the specified order and make the connection.

Is this valid for WOWZA olsa ?

"… By adding the letter “e”, you tell Flash Media Server to add real-time encryption to the stream.

The file is encrypted as it moves from the server to the client and requires no keys to decrypt

the file. Unlike the SSL solution, the RTMPE protocol can be terminated only by Flash Player. If

an application uses RTMPE without specifying a port, Flash Player will scan the ports in the

following order: 1935 (RTMPE), 443 (RTMPE), and 80 (RTMPE)…"



I assume this would work with Wowza Pro as well. I don’t think it is dependent on the server. So it should work.


If you want it to rollover faster take a look at this forum post.

And yes, rtmpe does add additional load to the server.


Yes, it works :smiley:

The problem is the delay to connect.

In a test here, I blocked port 1935 and tryed connect. The time to connect to port 443 was 15 seconds. blocking 443 too, the time to connect to port 80 was 30 seconds.

There are a way to limit the timeout, to decrease this time of connection?

Another question: Leaving RTMPE as default protocol will decrease server performance?