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rtmpS / rtmpE / rtmp over http

Hi everybody,

I’m quite a newbie so i’m here to discover how works wowza server.

For the moment, my goal is to create a quite secure player in flex. I made a “live ecb” decryption but is really too heavy and made Firefox freeze during the loop. Not a good idea.

So i discover Wowza and rtmp. For now, it’s working fine.

I’m stuck with Server configuration. I always work on client side.

Please, what should i do to use RTMPS / RTMPE(1) / RTMP over Http ???

(1) with SecureToken and HotlinkDenial

edit: I saw that there are some module but i didn’t understand on which side those modules should be put. player or server? (HotlinkDenial for exemple ). If it’s on player side, is there a way to put a jar on flex project livrairy? It usually takes SWC type.


Sena from france

Hotlinkdenial package is server-side. You add the jar file included in the package to [wowza-install-dir]/lib folder, and you configured the /conf/[appName]/Application.xml

For secure streaming you should use RTMPE. You don’t have to configure it, it just works:


There is a tunneling version “RTMPTE”, which encapsulates and delivers RTMPE via HTTP. This method adds significant overhead. Only use it if RTMPE is blocked by strict firewall settings, as in some corporate environments. Otherwise avoid using it.


Sorry, I thought you were working with the security packages already. Here they are.

MediaSecurity Addon:



See the User Guide chapter “Configuring SSL and RTMPS”


rtmpte should just work.

rtmpts would also require the configuration found in the User Guide.


It’s no bother. Zip up the conf and logs folders and send to with reference to this thread.


Thanks a lot for you quick and excellent answer.

i’m test some crackers on my player, i want to idealise the best way to make those crackers fail.

Thanks one more time,

now i go through rtmp and rtmpe. Somes want me to test with rtmps so …

Unforntunetly there is no docs about wowza rtmps and rtmp over http. Also, i don’t understand the role of the Java over there ( i used to think that flash has no birdge with Java ).

My group only have a release server with port 80 allowed so only over http. so I have to find a trick to go through RTMPTE/RTMPTS :frowning:

Best regards


sorry for my bad expression, i was thinking that rtmps is over http.

over http seems to be rtmpTS and rtmpTE :frowning:

si there any section that explains about those protocols?


edit: i looked in the user guide, it’s a very little chapter :frowning:


i should be borring but it looks so simple to configure all those setttings bu it doesn’t work.

I open PORT 80 on server side ( by copying in VHost.xml from to and changing in the copy “1935” to “80” )

and i’m connecting to “rtmpte://”

but i get error “connection failed”

Did i miss something?

edit: On server console, i read that the bind on port 80 was succefully. It seems that the player still continue to try to connect and get out due to timer ending.

Really sorry to disturbe you with my newbie question :s

i has just been sent.

Thanks a lot for your help

Best regards,