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RTP packet type wrong payload number


I am currently using the RTPpublisher module to publish my RTMP stream to a SIP RTP receiver.

Everything works well except one thing: the type of the RTP packets that are sent from Wowza is 97 for h264 video while we need it to be 126.

Also the same goes for audio the current type is 96 while we need it to be 34.

The data in the packet are good. The only problem is the RTP packet type is wrong.

There is a way to solve this issue externally like this post: (see Matching the RTP/SDP payload type) but it is too complicated!!

Is there a way in Wowza to change just the payload type ?

I found the following 2 methods in RTPUtils:



Are they useful? And if yes, how can I use them?



We currently do not have a way to override these values.