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RTP Stream always "not healthy"

Hello together,

I have a question regarding RTP streaming in wowza Streaming server. We generate an audio rtp stream in our Q-SYS Core 500i which we want to redistribute with the wowza Streaming engine. Unfortunatly I cant figure it out how this could be done. Is wowza to do this? And if yes, how can it be done? I tried almost everything and read nearly every post regarding rtp. I set up an udp Streaming file and when i start the file everything Looks good, I get a network throughput but i cant play the file. In the log file the stream resets every cuple of second and says I is not healthy.

In the Q-SYS system I can specify a target and can choose between pcm and mp3. If i conntect via vlc to the stream by rtp:// (the ip address of the local pc and the port i spezified in Q-SYS) the stream is played.

How can it be played by wowza streaming engine?

Thank you and kind regards,

Oliver Eisele


I assume that Wowza Streaming Engine is running on your local PC, using the IP address If this is correct, you will need to have Wowza use a .stream file and ingest the live stream that is being pushed by your encoder on IP port 6970.

In the “How to publish and play a live stream (MPEG-TS based encoder)” forum article. During step 2b, from the “Publishing the stream” section, in the “Stream URI” filed, you will need to use this value:



was there a working answer to this? i am having the same issues.

Hello, so there are two ways to “redistribute an RTP stream” but the post is a bit vague as a few protocols fall under that umbrella.

  • RTP is a transport protocol which is used to transport media data which is negotiated over RTSP

  • RTP is also used in WebRTC.

So, I will share with you what I think the person who originally posted this meant:

1. RTP>RTP playback



2. RTP/RTSP> HLS Playback