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rtsp announce to WMS with port forwarding/NAT

We have multiple rtsp encoders behind a NAT that will announce streams to a WMS. How can I tell WMS to use a forwarding port instead of 554 to pull a streams from clients?

Wowza can pull a rtsp stream over any port as long as it is not blocked by a firewall and is properly mapped in your network to the Wowza server. Take a look at these guides:


Thank you Richard, but I assume you missunderstud me.

Our rtsp encoders are behind a NAT and can reach WMS with rtsp ANNOUNCE. Later if one of these encoders will be requested the WMS should establish a new rtsp session to pull these streams from the NATing router with port forwarding. But how can I tell WMS to use a specific port for NAT traversal? (WMS and NAT have public IP, but dynamic changes, so it cant be configured in WMS)

enc1 – \

enc2------- NAT -------------------- WMS <---- webclient


Announce1 --------->

Announce2 --------->

Announce3 --------->

Announce4 --------->

<------- PLAY :55544 stream 3

Can I put something in the SDP part of the ANNOUNCE msg which let WMS use another port then 554?

Thanks in advance - Sascha