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RTSP live player on android

Hi.I’m a user who is using ur company server, Wowza Streaming Engine. I have some questions about Android streaming. When I use uploaded android sample app code and ur app, I get a live streaming RTMP. But, My company makes a RTSP live streaming url. I want to play RTSP streaming on android using Wowza SDK. What can I do?


If your goal is to play RTSP with Android GoCoder SDK, this is not possible since the SDK uses WOWZ protocol for streaming. You could, use a 3rd party app such as ExoPlayer to playback the RTSP stream created from Wowza Streaming Engine:



Thank u for ur reply!

But, still I have a question about ur answer.

My company uses WOWZA server engine for making live streaming. What is the difference between my protocol and WOWZ protocol?

Here is a blog on Wowz Protocol for you to learn more -