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RTSP mobile player Needed

Looking for a consultant that can build an RTSP mobile player for iOS and Android that works with Wowza and can be used within a React Native environment. We currently have an app that requires transcoding to HLS and we want to swap that out for an RTSP player in order to get rid of the lag being experienced for live viewing. Does this description match anyone in this forum or does anyone have a suggestion on who I can call?

Have you tried VLC? I have it installed on IOS to play rtsp from an ip camera.

Hi, you can use hls with low latency ( at least it can be 6-8 seconds back from live and its normal due to hls architecture ) Nowadays think of using hls or mpegdash for playback both mobile & ios ( also if drm needed only this wiill help to you )

if you still insist on playback rtsp you can use ffmpeg library to play this ( also rtmplib can be used too )

Hi @Brad Feldman. Using RTSP (or RTMP for that matter) is no longer the recommended choice, especially not for mobile devices. You could use HLS or MPEG-DASH, and with some customization you may be able to get the latency down to 5-10 seconds.

However, I can imagine that in some case (live sports, betting, etc.) this may still be too much. In that case, it may be interesting to look into webRTC. Wowza Cloud supports this, and there are many other SDKs and solutions who can give you low-latency (500ms and up, dependent on internet connection, of course)

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to know more: