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RTSP over HTTP, killUnidentifiedSessions


I’m using a Client (player) that consume the Wowza server video streams via RTSP over HTTP protocol.

The 2 required channels for RTSP over HTTP are properly opened with a POST(Client -> Server) and a GET (Server -> Client) methods.

So far, so good… everything works fine. The Video Stream (data) is sent through the Server->Client channel.

Problem occurs after a couple of seconds (around 5 sec), the wowza server kills the Client -> Server connection (killUnidentifiedSessions: Killing unidentified session).

Here’s what I tried so far to keep-alive the client->Server connection:

  • I adjust the values of the VHost.xml unidentifiedSessionTimeout to higher values, but it only delays the killing of the Client->Server channel.
  • I sent a RTSP OPTIONS (every 10 sec.) on the Client -> Server channel to keep alive the connection, but server still kills the connection.
  • I sent RTCP Receiver report (every 5 sec.) on Server->client channel, but server still kills the connection.

The only workaround that I found was to set the VHost > unidentifiedSessionTimeout to 0, so Wowza never kills the connection.

Is there any configuration or keep-alive mechanism to prevent Wowza server to kills the client -> server connection?



Hi Eric, did you make any progress with this? In my set up I’m also seeing killUnidentifiedSessions logged and struggling to get to the bottom of it.

UnidentifiedSessionTimeout - Time, in milliseconds, that the server will wait for an unidentified client session before disconnecting the application. You do need to set this to 0.

I would send a ticket so we can see if there is an issue with a firewall or port forwarding that’s slowing the connection time down.