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Is RTSP over HTTP possible for Wowza streaming cloud? I cant find any articles about this and when i tried adding my IP Cam which is open through its HTTP port. it wasnt showing. Any help on this would be really appreciated. Thank you.

Hey @Mark Ibiaz I’m happy to help you, In Streaming Cloud, we can ingest your RTSP source from an IP camera, but standard playback workflow will be to convert it to HLS in Cloud. We then provide a playback url for you that plays over HTTPS and that is secure. So, not over HTTP.

In Cloud, if you do want to playback the RTSP source over RTSP directly, you can do that, but this requires REST API:

You can retrieve the direct playback URLs for each rendition and pull the RTSP direct.

No option to push RTSP via a stream target at this time.

Now in Streaming Engine, you have the option for RTSP ingest and RTSP playback but you’ll need to play that stream back in an RTSP player.

1. The RTSP source (publish) url would look like this:


2. That RTSP playback url would look like this as an example:


but again you need the right player to support that RTSP playback url:

If you want to share some more info on your workflow, I can try and offer more help. Do you want to do adaptive bitrate streaming? Is low latency critical here? Are you trying to reach a greater sized audience? Whatever you can share would be helpful. Thanks!

If yes the source url in Cloud would be:

Enter the camera’s Source URL, which should be in the form rtsp://[username]:[password]@[ip_address]/axis-media/media.amp.

Also http is over port 80 and RTSP over port 554. We will get you setup here and streaming don’t worry. We can even walk you through it in a free support ticket if you’re on a trial license.

What type of cameras are you using? Axis?

Hi Rose thanks for the quick response. The issue that im having is not from playback but Wowza pulling the stream. I have multiple cameras on one location with the same RTSP port 554. Im accessing those cameras right now through the cameras HTTP port.


The transport method we are currently using for our system is basically TCP over HTTP. I think i mislabeled the topic sorry.

We are currently using a service like yours called Unreal Media Server, and that is how we are currently connecting to our cameras using that transport method as well.

I tried the same method using wowza and it wont connect through the cameras HTTP port.

Is there any way to pull the cameras stream via this transport method?