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RTSP show huge lagging in test player but smoothly in VLC Player

Hello Everyone,

My setup as below:

Wowza Streaming Engine setup on a server

Windows PC for me

A H264 Encoder stream through RTSP over network (Cat5e)

All above setup connected under same network.

What I had is a video camera going through the encoder and I’m able to capture the RTSP through VLC Player smoothly.

On Wowza Streaming Engine:

1- I add a stream file with encoder rtsp://

2- Click on the “Connect to this stream”

3- Under the"Incoming Streams", I check the source video through the test player

Now I have 2 questions:

1- I Do Not See any video but only after when I had a VLC player play the same stream (RTSP address), the now the test player from the streaming engine give me the video.

I wonder is this normal? If not, did I miss something here?

2- When viewing the test player from “1” above, I notice the video is a huge lagging, unlike the VLC Player smoothly play. My understanding is both VLC Player and Streaming Engine are receiving from same source over same network, it’s very unlikely to show different result. So am I missing something here?

Greatly appreciate for the help from everyone.