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RTSP stream is not working in nokia N95


Can any one help me to fix. when i stream live video using my external device i can play the video using RTMP in desktop and I am also use the vlc to play the video using rtsp but I cant play the video same RTSP link into Nokia N95 8gb it show Unable to play either audio or video it try to play partial after it show loading bar after that it unable to connect stream server url is rtsp://


I see your audio codec is mp3. I’m not sure about the Symbian OS, but Android only supports AAC audio with RTSP. Try playing the stream with h.264/AAC encoding. The latest FMLE (version 3.2) includes AAC, which you can use to test.

If you are still using MP3, it won’t work with streaming to Android. The audio has to be AAC. For FMLE you need the MainConcept AAC plugin.


It is most likely UDP ports.

Is it your Wowza server on a public IP? Send a link to, include a link to this thread for reference.


Also, zip up conf and logs and send those


Could you clarify what you mean by “using my url” ? If the URL you gave works, I’m not sure I understand the problem.


Oh you’re right. I have AAC in my FMLE. I can only speculate that it came preinstalled on my Dell laptop.

You can download the 30-sec trial of the MainConcept AAC codec for FMLE. Or you can generate an h.264/AAC stream using another method.

  1. With the Wowza Streamclass:

  2. VLC:

Or you can just play a VOD stream:


I see the same thing. I can play your stream in VLC but not on Android 2.2.1. Though, I can play sample.mp4 in Android on other servers.

I can play your RTMP VOD stream in the Wowza SimpleVideoStreaming client in the web browser on Android.

You should try that. Also try playing the Wowza RTSP demo in

If both of those work then I suspect a firewall issue. Maybe you need to open up outgoing UDP ports. See step 2 in the mobile troubleshooting guide:

  1. What do you see in the Wowza console/log when you try to pay the RTSP stream?

  2. Can you play the Wowza RTSP mobile demo?

  3. Can you post your firewall rules? In Linux do:

iptables -L

I am using FMLE 3.2 only but in this I am not get AAC codec it show only Mp3 formate only.


when i try to play the vod in mobile it same error i try android 2.2 please help me to fix because last 3 day i try this i cant fix it

can i tel me how i restream the video using ffmpeg i try the ffmpeg also this is the command used to stream

exec ("/usr/bin/ffmpeg -i rtmp:// -re -acodec libfaac -ar 22050 -vcodec libx264 -vpre default -f mp4 rtmp://"); it is not working. But if i change the container mp4 into flv it convert but when i play the video in player it show error stream not found.


now i download the aac plugin for FMLE now when i play the video in mobile it show loading bar but after 1 min it show unable to connect server time out can tel where is the problem



Shared wowza server so i submit the ticket regard this the send they said we disable the fire wall and table for u but problem is continue if you want the screen shot i will show to you


I am using the shared hosting wowza. I submit the ticket regard to get the fire wall infromation, Hosting support team said your fire wall is disable. when firewall disable then also problem is continue in my all mobiles. please help me to fix


if i use url rtsp:// it work great in my Handset nokia N95 and samsung Android 2.2 but if i play using my url it wont please help me to fix