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RTSP Stream showing black on Test Players


I am just new for using wowza server , I install the wowza engine ( developer version trial free for 180 days license ) , I install on window os and Linux os for testing. I Set up an RTSP link from an outdoor VstarCam IP Camera , I used rtsp://user:passwd@ , I tested on VLC and worked well, the camera and my computer are on the same network, I set up the Source Security but when I go to incoming sources, my stream says Active and then click my stream and run the test players when I click start it says playing but the screen displays black, I followed all the vdo tutorials, I tested on windows and Linux , same result,but when I tested Big Bunny RTSP link for streaming test rtsp:// , it displays perfect, but not my ipcam

how I candisplay the rtsp stream on from my ip camera on the wowza

how to fix this problem ?