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RTSP stream to XBMC

Im using FMLE as RTMP encoder … Wowza 2 is trancoding this stream to RTSP … rtsp://MY_SERVER:1935/live/STREAM_NAME … VLC player play this stream without problems … Im trying use XBMC ( as player … Im testing it on Windows , and LIVE distro on Nvidia ION htpc … On both platform XBMC start playback … on display i see time counting … but no audio/video on screen … and i dont see any trafic on switch …

Somebody had succes with XBMC ?

I had installed XBMC 10.0 and it successfully play RTMP and RTSP stream from my wowza … Thats great info !

Not sure what you are talking about. I don’t know what a .strm file is. Please explain in great detail what you are trying to do and how specifically you are using Wowza.


We do not have any experience with XBMC. So not sure we are much help. Maybe others on the forum will jump in and help.


Yes … Just install XBMC … I tested it on OSX … And LIVE installation of XBMC on ION + ATOM small hardware box …

Create *.strm files in Videos directory (its /home/xbmc/Videos on linux, or User/Movies on OSX) … strm files are text files with link to wowza … For example :

file Mystream.strm containing :




Start XBMC … Go to Videos and click on stream name …

Pedro : DO U use XBMC 10.0 final ? i was tested it in earlier versions and it was not works …

Hi Pytkin,

can you explain how you did it, pleas?




Hi, I’ve been trying to do this on my mac, but when I click on the .strm file it simples does not work. It flashes “Working” for a second and then nothing happens.

I’m trying to watch a live stream provided by the wowza, from the FMLE.

The streaming in itself is working, because I can watch it on a FLV player.

Can you help me?

thank you.

I’m trying to do the same as Pytkin said.

Play RTMP streaming on XBMC using Wowza as a server.

Yes! 10.0, dharma!

It’s weird because I can watch the streaming when I play it on “Moyea FLV player”

are you sure you don’t have any other plugin?

thank you.