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RTSP stream to Xtreamer

Im using FMLE as RTMP encoder … Wowza 2 is trancoding this stream to RTSP … rtsp://MY_SERVER:1935/live/STREAM_NAME … VLC player play this stream without problems … Im trying use Xtreamer ( as player … Xtreamer start playback , but no audio/video on screen … and i dont see any trafic on switch …

Somebody had succes with Xtreamer ?

I also want to know.

some guy from Xtreamer developer team tested my server and said , that he is getting stream and see it on TV … But i was never lucky with this …

I hope , Charlie will get any luck with RTSP startup lag , and we will put Xtreamer as a working player from wowza server :slight_smile: