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RTSP Syntax For An Axis V5915 PTZ

I’m having some challenges in getting an Axis V5915 PTZ camera to connect to Wowza Streaming Engine over the Internet.

Using the syntax below I am able to connect the camera to the WSE (I can see the image from the camera in “Test Players”) but I don’t see a preview screen, nor do I have any remote control over the camera when I click on the Pan/Tilt/Zoom button.


Am I correct to assume the RTSP port (544) only supports the stream and not the remote control commands? I did try the Axis NAT traversal-generated URL, but the connection consistently failed in WSE with the exception of one time. It’s syntax was:


Any help would be appreciated.



Thanks for contacting Wowza Forums!

Can you confirm you have followed the instructions HERE?

For remote control, Wowza is only the streaming part. You will need to have a mechanism of controlling the camera yourself.