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RTSP to WebRTC latency and native mobile playback

Hi there,

Can I get the answers regarding webRTC and webrtc native mobile app questions.

a. What is the expected latency when rtsp encoded to webrtc and playback in webrtc? Does it increase the latency as compared to webrtc-webrtc playback?

b. Is it possible to perform webrtc playback in native mobile application? If yes, what is the possible ways right now?

Thank you.

Chee Kim

Also, how to perform webrtc playback in mobile browser?

RTSP to WebRTC latency can be 1-2 seconds; provided that your RTSP input is stable. I don’t see much difference compared to WebRTC-WebRTC unless you’re starting to count 1/10ths.

There are several SDKs that can provide you WebRTC in a mobile App; I did some googling and found many useful articles and some SDK providers. WebRTC is also supported in most browsers (see