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RTSP using WerRTC

Hi there,
I have a simple question, can I publish a stream using WebRTC from ip camera RTSP instead of the laptop camera ??

Not sure what you mean. RTSP and WebRTC are two different protocols. If your camera supports RTSP, then you can only communicate between Wowza Streaming Engine and your IP camera over RTSP. Typically you create a “.stream” file in WSE where you specify the RTSP address of the camera and then you start a start on WSE with that stream file (with MediaCasterType “RTP”)

In WSE, you can transmux into WebRTC so that you can watch the stream with a WebRTC client. Just remember to transcode if required because WebRTC supports only a subset of codecs and profiles. The best is to try first by setting your camera to H.264 Baseline. If you want audio and your camera has AAC then you must transcode into Opus for WebRTC.

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