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RTSP Video streaming wrong Orientation With Android

Dear all

I have the problem about the orientation of video streaming when I stream video from my android mobile through Wowza. When I watched this stream as live or video file, it’s wrong orientation.

I would like to know …

  1. Wowza feature or parameter that set the streaming orientation are existing ?

  2. If 1. is ‘Yes’, please suggest me about the feature or parameter for solve this problem step by step, please ?

  3. Can I sent another parameter such as camera type, video streaming info into wowza server ?

  4. If 3. is ‘Yes’, How I can sent this parameter, please suggest me

Thank you very much for all suggestion

Pornphop (Zing)


I replied to your question in ticket #73455 which you opened with our support team.

Unless you are using the Transcoder Addon to modify the incoming source stream, Wowza should output the same stream it is being published by the live source.



It is not currently possible to change the orientation of the stream using the transcoder addon.


zoran_u, reading Transcoder Addon’s manual, I haven’t found any indication that it can change streaming orientation. Can you confirm if it can in fact do it?