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rtsp vlc stream re-stream


I’m transcoding a live stream by vlc. I use “sdp=rtsp://localhost:10001/vlc.sdp” in the vlc command.

I followed this:

I make a file in content/

And I start the stream in the streammanager.

I can play the rtsp://localhost:10001/vlc.sdp by vlc, but the rtsp://localhost:1935/live/ not working.

What should I do?

With that method, follow this guide:

The stream name will be the .sdp filename.

Take a look at mpegts out from VLC instead:


Take a look at the VLC with mpegts out that I showed you.

You will follow the mpegts tutorial for configuration and playback steps:


Yes. That is just on the encoder->Wowza side. On the Wowza->Android side, it shouldn’t matter whether you published to Wowza with MPEG-TS or an SDP.

Just make sure the stream is encoded with H.264/AAC.

I want to skip this “Give it the name myStream.sdp and copy it to the [install-dir]/content folder.”

Because the vlc and the Wowza isn’t on the same server.

If I use mpeg-ts, can andrid 2.1 devices play it?