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Run Wowza 4.2 as Named User


we want to run the new Wowza release 4.2 as “Named User” on a CenOS Linux 7.1. There is a good tutorial which describes the steps (eg. edit and change,, etc.):

Most of it works fine, but there is one point we didn’t find:

3f: Locate the following line and prepend sudo -u wowza to the beginning of the line:

sudo -u wowza $_EXECJAVA -cp "$WMSAPP_HOME/lib/slf4j-api-1.6.4 .....

Does anyone know what to do? Isn’t it necessary in the version 4.2? (this tutorial is written for 4.0 and later, maybe it had changed in 4.2 …)

thank you

best regards, Anton


It looks like our named user article may need a small amendment. With Wowza 4.2 there is sill the $_EXECJAVA line but without tthe "-cp " argument or it’s in a different location in the line. I’ll alert our doc team about that. You should still be able to prefix the line with “sudo -u wowza” though and it should work just the same.