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running IIS and Wowza on same windows server

For the last few yrs we have been running both WOWZA and a Webserver on the same windows server. It has been running flawlessly until yesterday when the network card died and had to be replaced. Here is my issue.

Up till yesterday the Wowza server was using IP ...39 and the IIS was using ...37

After the new network card was installed the Wowza Engine Manager is now using the .37 IP the same as the IIS.

As I said it has been a few years since we originally set this up and I sort of recall having to direct all the necessary Wowza ports to the .39 IP such as 8088, 1935 and so on

Can someone please help refresh my memory if this is correct and if so provide a link on how to reset this up. thank you

I asked tech support and they suggested this doc for you. If going across networks you will need to port forward the ports you need to access across the network.

Feel free to submit a support ticket if you’d like the engineers to look at it with you.