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Sample marathon HTTPprovider not passing data to sample AMFtoID3 module

I’m banging my head over the HTTPprovider Marathon example and the relative AMF to ID3 module converter.
The provider works well, and the http call is regularly logged, but apparently the payload doesn’t reach the module, that is regularly loaded at the start of the live streaming.
We’re using this HTML code to try and display the ID3 tags but nothing happens.

Can someone please point me to any hint?



It does work, have you made changes to the sample code? What do your logs say if you output the length of packet.getData() from onFillChunkDataPacket() in ModuleCupertinoLiveMetaDataBinaryAMFToID3?

Now it’s working very well and we managed to design our own providers and modules.
It was simply a mattter of different Java versions in Eclipse and Wowza.