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Sample players go live on a website?

It may sound a silly question but… the included sample players are these able to be run from a website, stripping the wowza stuff out of the html?

It’s just that I an trying to understand why there is even support for all these formats when there are no players that are able to be purchased that do all the stream types. For example, JW Player just does RTMP and HLS, what is everybody using for dash and hds… I know there is a free smooth streaming silvelight player, if you like it as is, otherwise, it looks like big bucks for development for each user.

Here are two HDS player options: Flowplayer and this hosted player

For Smooth (this may be what you have already found) there is this MMP player framework, or the Expression 4 Templates are very easy to use and there are number of players in the free version of Expression 4 Encoder.


You can run the example players from a web server without modifying anything. To do this copy the example player folder to the website.

For example, if you copy the entire FlashHTTPPlayer folder to a web server, then you can connect to it like this:



No, it isn’t. It is best to use production ready player in your case, one of the options mentioned


Thanks both,

With the sample players, I did not want to have to get client to input source, is this possible?

is this work on every site if yes I will try it…