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samsung smart tv live stream


Is it possible make live stream to samsung smart tv ?

I have tried VOD it works fine but I am not able to play live stream I have tried flash and hls.


Hi dubnik,

I have not found any definitive answer on the Wowza forum of this working but I will share with you what I have found:

  1. Samsung Smart TV supports RTMP and RTMPe protocols.

  2. “If you have vod working with the device’s Flash plugin you should be able to do live.”

  3. Here is a tutorial for building an application for playing VOD on the Samsung Smart TV

{I am unable to test this as I don’t have a Samsung Smart TV}

3:a) for : var url = “rtmp://[wowza-ip]/app-name”

3:b) for : var videoname = “stream-name”

And here are a few forum threads and articles:

How to use Samsung Smart TV with Wowza Media Server


The difference is probably the audio and/or video codec. Look at the codecs of the working vod stream for reference, then apply those to the live stream.


I don’t get it

If I use vod application samsung tv opens rtmp stream (flash player) but it doesn’t open live stream.

Is there any difference between rtmp stream vod and live?

No logs.


Hi Dubnik, you might have better luck with this if you open a support ticket.

email, and link to this thread for reference.