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Samsung TV app: changing ordering of URL parameters for HLS requests


Is there a way we can change the ordering of URL parameters for HLS requests?

The use case here is that for Samsung TV apps, in order for the app to recognize a stream as HLS, the URL needs to be appended with “|COMPONENT=HLS”. For example: “http://:1935/cdn/definst/path/to/file/playlist.m3u8?|COMPONENT=HLS”.

However, when the player performs a GET request on the playlist, the returned playlist components are appended with the Wowza session ID:


As a result, “|COMPONENT=HLS” is no longer at the end of the URL, and the Samsung player does not recognize the streams as HLS.

Is there a way around this so that we can change the ordering the URL parameters?

Where is the |COMPONENT=HLS coming from? We are not adding it to the URL. How and where is this being added to the URL? This seems more like a Samsung issue. Have you contacted them? It seems like it should be valid to use query parameters as part of the media names. It seems like this would be a common occurance.

Since we are not adding the |COMPONENT=HLS part to the URL I am not sure how we would control the order. It seems like this is being done outside of the Wowza Media Server. Also, if you contact us directly at we might have another solution for this.


To answer Charlie’s question, the “|COMPONENT=HLS” is a requirement for the Samsung app in order for the app to recognize the stream as HLS, and needs to be appended to the end of a URL by whoever is writing the code for the app. I have followed up with support about this issue. Thanks.