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scan through the m4fd to get the data back out of them after injecting them into a live stream on nDVR.

I have built the DVR insert data into the stream with http inject listener and the other java modules needed. I now have a system that injects the data into the stream and works with the nDVR and the data is still in sync with the video, on playing “back in time” or live - I can see the injected data in the Wowza player.

I would like to be able to scan through the data to pull out time points so the user can jump around the DVR stream and get to the bit they want. Is there a way to pull out the m4fd data? or just stream it out very fast without the video to get the data points? alternative suggestions welcome

Hello @alex byrd, we do not currently have a workflow to support this, but I have let the engineers know of your request. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.