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Schedule live-stream recording

I’m a newer using wowza. I have a problem in using wowza to make schedule live stream recording. Please help me, thanks

You can program your own system for this … Im using crontab and schedlue start/stop recording of streams … User cdgraff from this forum writed for me an java modules for start/stop recording from linux …

Take a look at this example:


I mis-read that, sorry. Start with the LiveStreamRecord package:

The example has a Flash client that is used to play a live stream and invoke server-side commands to start/stop recording. Your scheduler will replace the Flash client, it could be Windows scheduler that called a Wowza HTTProvider that started and stopped streams.


dragelec : im not sure , if i good understand you … do you want to schedule recordings ? or schedule playback ?

dragelec : ok … on what platform do U use wowza ?

look at this link …

there are module for recording … in this zip is documentation , how to istall it … there is flash demo too , how to manualy start/stop recording …

If U want to automaticaly start/stop recording in scheduled times , u need any automation … it depend on platform , where U use wowza …

ok … so my first answer (#2) is for U :slight_smile:

user cdgraff programmed for me an java module for connecting to wowza and start/stop recording , and some perl scripts , which i can put into cron daemon (its scheduler on linux) , for scheduled recording …

u can put into crontab for example record stream XYZ every monday at 14:00 to 16:00 … etc …

If u want this module , ask user cdgraff …

thank for your helping. But can you tell me clearer. I want to make an application that you can recording a list of live-stream with schedule by using wowza, not use window schedule.thanks

@Pytkin:Thanks, i want to schedule recording, please help me.

@rrlanham: could you show me clearer, i just use wowza for a short time.

Pytkin: Thank for your reply. I have used this module, and now i want to automaticaly start/stop in scheduled times. I want to run wowza on Linux (Ubuntu), have you have any idea or module for this, thanks

hi,thank for your reply.

Could you send for me this module. this is my email:


Hi metinb,

You can request a list of consultants by sending an email to


I’m a bit new to WOWZA,

I can successfully start and stop recordings manually by http requests like;


My wowza installed on windows, and I’ve tried windows task scheduler option, however this solution doesn’t work for me because of several reason.

  1. I have 15 channels in 30 streams to record. Each channel is encoded in high and low qualities, that;s why I have 30 streams to record.

  2. Each channel has to be recorded according to our content department’s program guide.

Different programs on different channel at different times has to recorded.

  1. Each http request must have different script for task scheduler to send the requests.

Let say, each channel is recorded 1 time a day. This means I need to prepare 30 x 2 = 60 different scripts scheduled to run in task scheduler.

But we actually have 5 to 10 different programs needs to be recorded each day per each channel separately.

I’m not a programmer so I cannot write my own module.

Do you have any suggestions?