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Screen share problem (webrtc with TheoPlayer)

Using wowza webrtc with TheoPlayer, we faced a problem when the transition from video to screenshare takes a very long time and stops video playback (it can take from 10 seconds to 1 minute)
Used a library from the github repository
In the video ( ) you can see an example of how it happens instantly from the side of the wowza webrtc, but from the side of the player it takes long time
cod example if(this.share) { WowzaWebRTCPublish.setCamera('screen'); } else { WowzaWebRTCPublish.setCamera(this.videoId); }


This is a wild guess; but can it be related to the recursive screen capturing - so a screen capture of a screen capture of a screen capture etc?

Karel thanks for your reply!
If I understood correctly, then no, this is not due to the fact that I recorded the screen at that time, because it was repeated on different devices, browsers and different people without screen recording

I figured. Is this an issue with the screensharing: when you start with screenshare directly - without using webcam first - will that also be slow? Or is it specifically when you switch from webcam to screenshare?

yes, when switching from webcam to screen sharing or back

we fix problem. its inside WowzaPeerConnectionPublish.js @Karel_Boek pls ask developers check this issue

I’m not a Wowza employee; I work at Raskenlund where we work a lot with Wowza. I think the official way to notify Wowza developers is to file a ticket with You may also notify @Rose_Power-Wowza_Com

thank @Karel_Boek !, I will write @Rose_Power-Wowza_Com and support. We found a lot of interesting things :slight_smile:

FYI : this fix will work only with this one

Thanks @Slava_Isaev, I will share your feedback with the Engine team- appreciate all the info!