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SCTE passthrough for RTMP

Can Wowza do SCTE passthrough for RTMP?

Hello @Rahul_Jagtap, Sorry you never got a reply from the community. If you weren’t able to find the answer with a search of our docs or in the forums search bar for SCTE, I can help you.

SCTE-35 markers are not native to RTMP, but are normally found in MPEG-TS streams. If you need to use RTMP stream with the SCTE marks then you would need a custom module that would read CUE points pushed through the RTMP stream AMF data.

RTMP can use AMF data and CUE points that would be injected into that AMF data.

You can reach out to Wowza Professional Services if you’d like some help with this custom configuration, but we do not have anything right out of the box to support this.

You are also welcome to post in our Hire a Consultant forum.