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SDP exchange module

I am using a source to input stream via rtp into wowza (

This is working fine. however the above tuturial involves manual step of creating a sdp file and putting in content directory. I want this sdp creation and sending the sdp to external source via code. is this possible ? if so how ?


In this context, the SDP file creation is normally handled by the encoder and then it needs to be placed on the Wowza server in a location that Wowza can use. This part is normally outside of the scope of Wowza software because there are lots of different ways to do it.

Other options if the encoder supports it is to use RTSP or Mpeg-TS however, you would still need a .stream file on your Wowza server to tell it how to locate the stream.


got it. so lets say i have a external program which can create sdp files and place it under wowza’s content directory . now second step in above tutorial is to click on connect button of myStream.sdp under Virtual Host Stream Files section. Is there a way i can simulate this step from code.