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secure (rtmps) inbound streams


I’m trying to understand if I can send Wowza an RTMPE or RTMPS inbound stream and have it transcode and livestream that on the fly via HLS. I’ve had a lot of trouble tracking down whether this is possible – the best I could find is this thread where people are similarly confused:

Can anyone point me to an example or doc explaining how to securely send wowza an inbound stream? Or do most just handle this via VPN?


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You should know that the RTMPS stream does not automatically mean that it is secure. The RTMPS stream is encrypted using an SSL certificate. The communication between the player and server (or encoder and server) is encrypted, but the player which supports RTMPS is able to use the SSL certificate to decrypt the stream it is receiving.

You should provide some more details on what you are trying to achieve and what is the setup you are trying to implement.