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I’m looking to convert my H264 RTP stream to SRTP.

I’ve followed the steps outlined in the link below successfully and was able to playback the SRTP stream from FFMediaElement player.

However, I don’t know how to play this SRTP stream back through VLC player ?

Is it possible I can play this back using VLC player?

VLC player has 2 settings called SRTP Master and SRTP Salt key which are both hexadecimal values.

Using the example provided in the link, I assume I take the first 16 bytes and convert this from base64 to string (c#) as the master key, then take the last 14 bytes as the salt key

Then convert these both to hexadecimal values? Strange thing is FFplay and FFMediaElement can both play the SRTP stream without doing anything other than providing the rtsp address

Any ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated


@Michael Bullock Hello Michael, Were you able to make any headway re: SRTP/VLC. I am quite interested in the same. Please do update whatever progress you experienced.