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Secure RTSP over port 443

Hey everybody,

I suppose this question has been asked a couple of times in different versions, but somehow I feel I haven’t found a clear answer, which is why I am asking this as clear as I possibly can:

Is it possible to securely stream an RTSP stream over port 443 with Wowza? Resulting in a stream URL such as this:


Does this work and if yes, how?



Hi @Markus Buhl, I checked with tech support and while port 554 is the default for RTSP streams, is is possible to configure it for 443. You would need to define it in your VHost.

If you want to add username/password for playback, implement an auth mechanism that tests the username/password passed in the url.

Also, note that port 443 usually requires ssl so your url would be rtsps, not rtsp.

  1. Here is an article covering how to set up the username password.

  1. Here is more info on how to add an additional port:

Please feel free to open a support ticket with us if you need assistance getting this set up and working.

Keep in mind that is not easy to find a player to stream RTSPS. So, playback could be an issue despite you finding a way to broadcast this way.