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Secure streaming with obfuscated URL to media files

Hi All,

I am developing an application which requires users to at first purchase a video before viewing it. You can consider this as one episode. When user buys one episode, he will be allowed to view the video of this episode.

Each episode will expire after certain number of days say 7. After 7 days,user should not be able to view this episode again. He need to repurchase this episode to view again for next 7 days.

Now, when video player is getting displayed embedded code is used to render it. Anybody can copy this code by using Firebug and then post this code any where,any time later on the site to view the video later.

What I want is that generating random string for media file path to WOWZA server and this path should be regenerated on each page reload. I am using Flowplayer at client side for player. Is there any way I can send dynamic parameters to WOWZA and WOWZA will perform validation on server side ?


This can be done with a query string using Flowplayer, you will have create a custom module to support this but it can be done.


Here is something contributed by a Wowza customer along those lines:


In addition to the authentication/expiration solution linked above, you could also have your new Wowza module communicate with your user database: