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Secure Token for playback Secure URL params for publishing.


I would like to use a wowza solution for playback videos using secure token.

I’m using xsplit broadcaster to encode live streamings, so i’m unable to add secure token to xsplit broadcaster.

Also with xsplit broadcaster i can’t add rtmpauthenticate module because it’s unable to login.

Is there any way i can use secure token for playback and DISABLE it for publishing with SecureTokenModule?


The MediaSecurity package includes ModuleRTMPAuthenticate for encoders, which will not work in your case. However SecureToken is to secure the Flash RTMP client, and you can use that if you are using a Flash RTMP client. Here is a guide to adding SecureToken to JW Player:

If other player, the above is still a good reference.

For an alternative to ModuleRTMPAuthenticate for securing your publishing point, you can use SecureURLParams:

Here is another approach that can work for an encoder and Flash RTMP client:


ModuleSecureToken has no affect on the encoder. Copy your Application.xml here between code tags.


Take a look at the Media Security AddOn package. A user guide is included in the package. The secure token section starts on page 4.


Hello Pandepoulus, could you please help me? I’d like to do exactly the same, authenticate from encoder and use secure token for playback. Thanks.

Thank You for your answer, but i think i still have the same problem.

I successfully added secure token to flowplayer, but if i use the module “ModuleSecureToken” i’m also protecting publishing methods with secure token, and i cannot add the secure token to my encoder.

If i use ModuleRTMPAuthenticate, i’m also protecting the play method with secure token with flowplayer, but i need to authenticate, and my encoder can’t do that.

So i need a way to protect only the play method with secureToken, which i think none of your modules provide.

Please tell me if i’m wrong.


I’m copying this from security addon documentation:

"The “ModuleSecureToken” module adds SecureToken protection to publishing and playback of content through Wowza Media Server. "

Actually i solved my problem using the module “SecureURLParams”, which also uses secureToken for playback.