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Secure video streaming portal

Hello all,

I’ve done quite a lot of searching about in these forums but I’ve not quite what I’m looking for, if this has been asked and answered I apologize. It looks like Wowza will do what I need and there are lots of code examples that point in the direction I’m heading but I need high level overview of what a solution including Wowza would look like.

Basically we have a number of web cams on our network. We want to build a website/portal that would live in our DMZ and be open to the internet. This portal would allow a user to log in and view specific webcams that they had been authorized to see. I’ve got the concept down that I can put the Wowza server in my DMZ which can act as a proxy for the camera streams themselves.

What I can’t understand is how I actually deliver the streamed video from the custom website my developers create without exposing an rtsp URI or some such on the Wowza server that could then easily be sniffed and accessed by the internet user without having to connect to my portal.

Looking at the code snippets I feel like I’m missing something obvious here but I need to be able to build an architecture diagram of how this will work and keep our streams safe for security review but I just can’t seem to wrap my head around the last mile.


Your RTSP URL won’t be publicly accessibe since your Wowza server will connect to the RTSP camera, and the end users will conenct to Wowza, using a completely different playback URL. You can follow the instructions described in the “How to re-stream video from an IP camera (RTSP/RTP re-streaming)” forum article.

On your website, you will need to embed a player that would point to the Wowza stream.

You can then use the instructions described in the “How to control access to your application by checking referrer domain (ModuleRefererValidate)” article for restriction access to your Wowza streams only for customers connecting from your website.

I hope this helps get you started.