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Secure Web Video Portal for Live RTMP Video Feeds using Wowza Server

Hey guys, this project is still open. We have removed some of the original requirements to simplify the project (no need to convert PSD to HTML). See revised requirements below.

We are working on a new product offering. I will provide the overal functionality we are looking for, but cannot give specific details openly until we sign an NDA agreement.

What we have already:

-Basic Wowza server installed and publishing live RTMP streams. It is installed on a virtual hosted Windows 2008 SR2 64 bit server. Not AWS not EC2, but another local hosting company.

-Server has 8 vCPUs.

-PSD files converted to Responsive HTML for sign-in portal, FAQ, contact page and playback page.

-Active Wowza monthly subscription.

-SSL cert from Wowza Streamlock.

-Live RTMP feeds we will be sending to the Wowza server.

-Public static IP address to access the portal and DNS/Domain configuration.


Design consideration 1-We will be pushing about 60-64 RTMP live feeds to the server.

Design consideration 2-We anticipate hundreds of users loging into our portal to access these feeds.

Design consideration 3-The hosted server will host the Wowza server, database, webserver, and portal website (admin and user), along with RTMP live feed source software.

Design consideration 4- Scalable solution. We need to be able to add more Wowza servers if need be.


-We need and admin portal or some sort of interface where we can create users and assign specific rights to view specific live feeds, and specific times during the day of the week they can view these feeds. Example, user A can see live feeds 1 and 2, M-F from 8am CST to 4pm CST.

-User sign-in portal, playback portal to view assigned video streams, and all video streams must be secured and SSL ecrypted. We cannot allow anyone to hack the streams or view them unless they authorized to do so. This is a huge requirement!!

-Ability to restrict users to a single active login session per account.

-Disable account automatically after 3 failed login attempts.

-Use rediction form port 80 to 443. Entire site must use HTTPS.

-Install and Configure Apache server on Windows 2008 server, this includes loading all of our HTML pages which are already done.

-Create Certificate Signed Request for Apache and we will get new SSL Cert. Install all Certificates.

-Playback page must be able to provide up to 4 viewable embedded feeds/players. We don’t care if Flash or JW player.

-Feeds must play over IOS devices. Site needs to scale well when being viewed on mobile devices.

-Implement Wowza Add-ons: SteamLoack, SWF Hotlinking, Idle Client Disconnect. Hide RTMP feed sources from website at all times (open to suggestions).

-Documentation. We need to know how to add these modules on future servers.

Please email with examples of work, quote and notes or questions on this project (Signed NDA required for details).



Hello Nelson

After having read through your request, I can offer you my help, and will he happy to cooperate with you on this project. Besides having many years of experience with Wowza, I also am a developer with 15+ years of experience in different languages, technologies and platforms. I’m working on similar projects on a daily basis and I’m confident that I can help you to a satisfying solution. Please contact me by email, or on Skype (ID: karelboek)

Kind Regards

Karel Boek


i’ll write you my offer soon

Hi Karel;

Please email me a quote for this job. and how you would go about desigining this solution. Also ETA.



Anyone else qualified?