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SecureToken - are there any technical requirements for the viewing customer?

Hi. Have you met with the fact that the end client cannot play streaming (we use securetoken along with the client’s IP)? Several customers have a problem with this. They probably have some software installed on their computers … or there is some other problem with their IP? Do you have any knowledge about this topic? We would like to help them somehow. Are there any specific requirements? SecureToken Include client IP address in hash generation. Thanks for the hint.

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Could be a firewall they have up that won’t allow the playback which contains the token in the url. Can also be they are blocking the domain where the stream is coming from or you somehow have their IP addresses blocked.

Send us a support ticket so we may fully investigate. We’ll need full access to your configuration and to review the logs.


For me, this service works great.

But for many hundreds of our clients there were literally a dozen or so who had this problem.

Can you provide technical / program guidelines which behavior MUST work flawlessly?

What the end customer (viewer) should pay attention to when he has a problem.