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Seek during live streaming in Wowza 3.6.4


My Wowza version is 3.6.4.

I have a camera to send live streaming to wowza, wowza vlc from the aligned set to play a video.

The question is this.

For example, 00:00:00 on I begins live streaming a camera, and Begin to stream in vlc 01:00:00.

In this case, playback is possible from 00:00:00 I would like to know whether the Wowza server settings.

If present, when the camera is sent wowza rtmp, wowza it possible to use the vlc rtsp point I would like to know.

I’ll wait for answers.



The functionality you have described is supported by the nDVR Wowza addon. Please note that the nDVR addon is a Premium addon and there is an extra licensing charge for it’s usage.

Also, it is only supported for HTTP stream delivery: Apple HLS, Adobe HDS and Silverlight Smoothstream.

The nDVR addon is not supported for RTSP delivery.


Thank you Zoran.

That I will find another way.


I have a similar use case as described in this thread. I see that the last response was from 2014. Is that still the case currently?

I’d like to know if “seeking during a live stream” is currently possible with any of your solutions.