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Seems like FILL_VIEW in GoCoder SDK for Android works incorrectly

In your documentation it says that WOWZMediaConfig.FILL_VIEW - Scale the camera preview to fill the entire screen area. The preview may be cropped to maintain the aspect ratio. But when we actually use it on some phones with different screen resolution, the preview is not cropped, but instead it stretches out and no aspect ratio is maintained. The same is happening in your GoCoder app from Play Market. I attach screenshots from Samsung S6(set resolution - 1920x1080).screenshot-20181012-140415-gocoder-min.jpg

Hello @olena so, can you please tell me what version oft the Android SDK you are using? Also, did you see that you have a choice of CROP or FILL in the settings for scaleMode?

I am using Android SDK version targeting API 28. On that phone from which photo was taken API 26, but the same is happening on API 24 on different phone.
Yes I saw that there is a CROP option, but it uses letterboxing in order to maintain aspect ratio. So I guess, my question really is whether you can have full view player(without black stripes at sides) and avoid stretching, because from documentation I got an impression that you can…

Hi @olena so, let me check into this for you. Thanks for your patience.

I am facing same issue with Huawei P20 Pro. Android 8.0.1 devices as well as samsung device. cameraView is stretch instead of crop.

help me for sort out this issue.