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Segment does not exist and 410 status code (LL-HLS adaptative bitrate)


I’m running Wowza Streaming Engine 4.8.15+3 and testing LL-HLS with Adaptive Bitrate (for this I have basically followed these guides:,

It works fine in a hls.js player, but after 20 - 30 minutes the live stream begins to slow down and stops. Wowza error logs show, for example, “CmafWriterHandler.getVideoSegment[test-llhls-dev/_definst_/PRUEBAS_720p][v] segment 1092 does not exist”. In addition, THEOplayer’s ll-hls test page shows a 410 status code at loading the stream (it doesn’t show anything at Wowza logs), but after this network at devtools seems to work fine and recieves ok information.

I don’t know if these problems are related.

Stream is coming in via RTMP, and OBS isn’t reporting any loss (30fps, keyframe interval 1s) and network and processing speed seem ok.

I would greatly appreciate any help! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @Marcos_H sorry to hear you’re having issues. This would require a full review of the configuration and logs through a support ticket. Please submit your files here and the Wowza engineers will run some tests to see why the segments are dropping from Wowza to the player. We need to determine why it’s happening in the Theo player. Thanks.

If the solution has been found, can you update this forum post?. So other users may find it usefull too if looking for answers

Sure! Let me check and see if he submitted a ticket.

Update: I do not see a ticket and when I search CmafWriterHandler.getVideoSegment I am not seeing any tickets around that message. If you submitted a ticket @Marcos_H can you tell me the ticket number?

It’s impossible to diagnose if the issue is Wowza or the player as Theo was having some issue with LL-HLS and our packetizer …all depends on the configuration of chunks and the manifest.

Let me know if you have a ticket I can research please. Thanks. Also., have you tried experimenting with changing the segment duration? Too small and any network transmission issues could cause some drops.

I haven’t submitted the ticket yet, I’ll try to update then.

About Rose’s question on segment duration: I indeed changed segment duration, but the result was the same.

Thanks anyway! :slightly_smiling_face: