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Self-Hosted WSE to CDN cost breakdown

I’m trying to get a clear answer to the Wowza CDN pricing when used with self-hosted Wowza Streaming Engine, but so far my emails from the Wowza team have only added to the confusion.

I have a server running Wowza Streaming Engine, and I’ve configured a Wowza CDN stream target to send my transcoded streams to Wowza CDN. I understand the pricing is $0.055/GB.

My questions:

  • Are there any other costs associated? For example, am I also responsible for “Egress bandwidth” even though I am not using Wowza Cloud?
  • In that $0.055 per-GB cost - is that only referring to outgoing bandwidth? i.e. the bandwidth from the CDN to the players?

Let’s use this example and hopefully that will be clear @Anthony Svingos:

  1. You send a video stream from Engine to Wowza CDN. Now, you have 5 people view the stream and that consumes 5GB total (from CDN to viewers), you would be billed a total of 5GB.

If you send the stream to the CDN and there are no viewers, there is NO charge. You only get charged for the GB’s used for playback from viewers.

Sorry this wasn’t made clear to you and we’ll try to improve upon how we explain it.