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Send a stream from Wowza Streaming Engine to Fastly CDN target in Wowza Streaming Cloud

Can I set stream live from Wowza engine to Fastly CDN target on Wowza Streaming cloud ?
Because I couldn’t find the connection code to put in the Wowza streaming engine manager’s Stream Target on the Wowza streaming cloud’s Stream Target.
So, I would like to know about Wowza engine can stream to CDN target via Fastly on Wowza streaming cloud or not ?

Sorry, I had posted I was out of the office for 10 days and to please submit a support ticket if you needed help. But, I am checking now to see if you got this answer, You cannot do set up a stream target to Cloud with an Engine trial.

You can however do this with a paid Engine license and it will only use Akamai for the stream target, not Fastly.