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Sending HTTP Protocol to Media Server

Can I send from an encoder like MediaExcel or Elemental to the wowza media server using the http protocol? I know it is possible to send udp or rtmp to the wowza media server and print the hls address. I’m wondering if the encoder can send the http protocol to the media server.

Hi @Lee Wonjung

You cannot push HLS from an encoder to a Wowza Streaming Engine; but you could let the server pull HLS from a source, if that would work for you. (search for “applehls” on this page:

Encoders that can push HLS typcally support HTTP PUT or WebDAV and the HLS playlist and chunks end up on a disk somewhere. If that “somewhere” is a folder that is exposed via a web server over HTTP(S), then you could let Wowza pull from that HTTP source.

Whether this makes sense, depends on what you want to do with the stream in Wowza. If you only want to relay it for distribution, then you may as well stick with using a web server only. But if you want to transmux it, then Wowza is a good choice (NB! If I remember correctly, streams that are pulled in over HLS can only be transmuxed to HTTP-based protocols like HLS or DASH, and not to RTMP, RTP, SRT, etc)

Thank you for the good answer. Is the following format correct when inputting a stream URL when creating a stream file?

http: // encoder source ip: port / application name / stream name / playlist.m3u8

If we did not specify a port number in the encoder source, is the 1935 port automatically assigned? Or do we have to specify the port number in the encoder source?