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Server Not Configured Error

Dear community,

I’m trying to access “GET<stream_id>”.

It was working perfetcly initially but from few days, users have been reporting issues with my app.

When I was checking today, it gives the following error:

      "title":"Server Not Configured Error",
      "message":"The server isn't configured for API access.",

I haven’t done any configuration changes. Appriciate any help to pinpoint the issue.


I’m having the exact same problem. Yesterday it was workin but failed every now and then , but today doesn’t seam to work at all. Every time I get the same response. I’ve look through the documentation but doesn’t seams to be any information about the error code 503.

Hi @Yehan Pemarathne and @Fernando Cortes,

You should be successful using the following endpoint instead:

The older convention was deprecated some time ago, but has continued to work until just recently. I’m sorry for the inconvenience…we’ll get a section added to the API release notes that specifically calls this out. (see

This is working. Thank you @Robert Vacante.

Glad to hear it- thanks @Robert Vacante for providing a solution!